Chris Gardner comes to Clarksburg

Chris Gardner, the inspiration behind the movie/novel

Chris Gardner, the inspiration behind the movie/novel “The Pursuit of Happiness”, appeared at CHS to talk to students.

Tyler Neidecker, Editor

The man behind the story, The Pursuit Of Happyness, Chris Gardner came and spoke to the CHS students on Sept. 17.

Gardner’s now-famous autobiography was based on a year of his life. He and his son were homeless for a time and had to fight to survive.

In the movie version of his story, Gardner, played by Will Smith, took his son to go play basketball. Gardner’s son Christopher Gardner, played by Jaden Smith, said he was going to become a professional basketball player. Gardner expressed doubts.

Gardner told him that he would probably be just below average. Gardner told the CHS students that that was one of the biggest mistakes he has ever made. Gardner said, “ If you want to get something, make that your plan A and don’t have a plan B”

After that he encouraged the students to scream out “plan B sucks!’’, he even picked a student out of the crowd who stood up and screamed what was asked. Gardner brought the student on stage and gave him a brand new hundred dollar bill. Senior Kevin Monroe said, “Someone that is willing to give a student a hundred dollars, just so they get a good mindset, is the reason why this our can be successful.”

Not just by the generous money that Gardner gave, but his whole talk about his struggles and how he overcame them were very inspirational to all. Principal Owusu said, “ He encouraged me and allowed me to have an example to give students to never give up and to always have perseverance.”

“Gardner is a pure example of if you put your mind to something, the only thing stopping u from getting it is you,” junior Jess Brown said.