Disney for Days: Spirit Week 2018 is Dressed in Fun


Joanna Yoo

The Junior class, pictured above, won the annual Hallway decoration competition. However, the entire school displayed increased engagement during Spirit Week 2018.

Kara Peeler, Editor-In-Chief

Disney themed costumes took over CHS halls as students participated in the SGA’s spirit days by dressing up in costumes to show support for the school’s homecoming football game and dance.

Last week from Oct. 8 through 12, the SGA sponsored its annual spirit week in preparation for homecoming. Each day had a different theme inspired by Disney. Compared to other years, students went all out.

“I do think participation this year was an increase from last year, which is a plus for sure,” junior Zoe Tishaev said.

Although participation increased this year, some students expressed they felt more people should follow the theme days.

“Spirit week is exciting, but not enough people do it,” sophomore Vagmi Luhar said.

Even some staff members flaunted their Coyote Pride and wore costumes of their own.

“I like when teachers participate and I think students like it when teachers participate,” English teacher Lisa Marshall said while dressed as Disney villain Cruella de Ville. “I mean, it’s great to see people dressing up and showing their spirit, but I think when we do it, it lends to that atmosphere of strong school spirit and everyone participating.”

To start off the week, Monday was “Monday University,” a Monsters Inc. pun encouraging students to wear college gear.

“I’m glad CHS is allowing us during spirit week to wear our college t-shirts because I’m actually really excited to be going to Maryland or trying to go to Maryland at least,” sophomore Ashley Kharbanda said.

Next came Ohana Day on Tuesday, where students wore Hawaiian or tourist-themed outfits.

“I think spirit day is a lot of fun,” sophomore Meghan Chang said while decked out in a stereotypical tourist costume: straw hat, Hawaiian print shirt, and fanny pack. “It’s a way to really get our school united during ho-co week. You really have to show your spirit, you know?”

Wednesday’s theme was advertised as “Sleeping Beauties,” also known as pajama day.  

“Seeing everyone in pajamas was weird because it’s so normal in today’s society to see people mocked and ridiculed for how they dress but today most people were dressed at their worst,” freshman Peter Winstel said. “I’m looking forward to people putting in effort to become a character.”

On Thursday, Disney Day required students to wear character costumes and halls were filled with students in capes, tiaras, and fairy wings galore.

To close off the week, students took a break from Disney to wear their class colors for the pep rally that afternoon. The week was an exciting experience for the school intended to get students excited about the football game and dance.

“Frankly, I just like dressing up. It’s like Halloween for a whole week,” Marshall said.