Clarksburg Day 2018 Brings Much-Needed Fun and Relaxation


Kyle Wannen

BubbleBall Soccer was just one of many entertaining options during Clarksburg Day 2018.

Sagun Shrestha, Editor-In-Chief

Students savored time outside during the school day and enjoyed different activities during Clarksburg Day after a difficult morning of taking the PSAT Oct. 10.

That morning, the PSAT was administered to freshmen, sophomore and junior students. Clarksburg Day replaced afternoon classes, making it a swap many students were grateful for. The previous year, Clarksburg Day had taken place on a normal school day, with shortened class periods similar to those on a pep rally or half-day schedule.

“I’m really excited for Clarksburg Day,” sophomore Ashley Kharbanda said. “I finally get to just relax, have fun.”

Most of the events were the same as last year’s Clarksburg Day, which many students and staff thought was a success. Students participated in sports, such as kickball, spikeball, and frisbee. Two bouncy house obstacle courses were inflated, and there was a pull-up challenge set up by the Marines. Many people participated in these physical activities, which created a competitive, albeit pleasant atmosphere. Other activities included bubble ball soccer and hypnotism, both of which required a waiver.

“I actually like it. I just did the bubble thing, but I got really tired. I’m going to do hypnotism now,” said sophomore Danika Perez during the event.

Though many students and staff considered it a success, others were more critical and called the event crowded and chaotic. Some claimed that the day was too hot to be enjoyable. Of the critics, most called last year’s Clarksburg Day a success, and said that their expectations deteriorated over time. Some students called the event repetitive, with everything already happening before.

“This is my third Clarksburg Day and I still think it feels the same.” senior Patrick Lake said. “It’s the same stuff, same people. I guess it’s fun if you’re with your friends.”

While some Clarksburg Day participants weren’t particularly impressed with the events, others did truly enjoy the warm weather and being able to go outside. Ultimately, students and staff alike considered it to be a fun time.

“Where I came from, we never had a day for the kids, like a field day in high school, and I thought it was a great idea.” social studies teacher Kimberly Moore said. “The kids always are very apathetic, but they are happy to be outside. So I think it’s a great way to celebrate the unity of the school and just to have fun.”