Migrant Caravan Impact

Some of migrants during their journey from Central American countries toward the US.

Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters

Some of migrants during their journey from Central American countries toward the US.

Jordan Doss, Alum

A group of what started out to be 160 South Americans began on their journey to seek asylum from their home countries Oct. 12. During their journey they gained about 6,900 additional migrants, primarily from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Most of the immigrants were planning on going to Mexico for their asylum, but some of them plan on reaching the United States. Their motivation ranges from issues with poverty where they lived, to issues with gangs and other sources of violence.

In response to the possible immigrants soon arriving at the U.S. border, President Trump tweeted that he has decided to cut off or significantly reduce the foreign aid that is currently being given to the countries involved in the migration.

“This is not fair. If we had already helped those countries, all of this could have been prevented and cutting their aid can potentially actually make things worse,” sophomore Ligia Jimenez said.

Trump has found methods to incorporate the immigration policies into his 2020 campaign even more so due to the migrant caravan. He is insinuating that these people are the reasons why he needs to implement his wall. However, in the Clarksburg community, there is a large amount of support for better immigrant conditions and Trump’s policy does not sit well with all.

“I understand the urgency to come to America due to numerous detrimental factors, and they should not be punished for that,” junior Hannah King said. “I think that there should be a faster and easier way for immigrants to come here so that there is not as much hassle and drama surrounding immigrants seeking asylum.”  

Regardless of political preferences, it is clear that immigration is still an issue in this country that will hopefully be sorted out in the next few years.