Student Restores Shot Put Pit for Eagle Scout Project


Antonio Berardo

The CHS shot put pit was restored by a student as an Eagle Scout project.

Jordan Doss, Alum

CHS junior Antonio Berardo and his boy scout troop rebuilt the shot put pit for the track team. Berardo had been searching for a community service project to complete, and decided to complete this project to become an Eagle Scout because a track team member had mentioned that they were looking into constructing a new pit.

Eagle Scout is the highest rank a boy scout can achieve, making this project very important. During this project, Berardo and his troop had to work independently and sort out all measurements and materials by themselves, and construct the entire pit with little to no outside assistance. They contracted most of their needs and desires through Coach Wax and their Troop leaders to get all necessary resources,

“We had to replace all of the timbers surrounding the pit and build a return ramp parallel to it,” said Berardo.

Although the project is simple and for the greater good, the project took a lot of time and countless numbers of approval requests from the school, Berardo’s troop, and from the county before being completed.

“I really just had to do a crap ton of paperwork to get the Troop and the county to approve the project, and the [project] took about 6 hours to complete,” said Berardo.

Once completed, the old and damaged pit had become a state of the art collegiate level shot put pit.

“Clarksburg has now become the highest ranking high school in the entire state… and it should last for at least 2 years,” said Waxman

“It was a lot of stress leading up to it, but I am really thankful for Coach Wax for giving me this project,” said Berardo.

The CHS track team has not had the pleasure of using such a high-quality shot put pit since close to the opening of the school. Through the help of Troop #1397, Berardo, and Waxman, CHS is “back on track” and ready for several amazing seasons to come.