2018 Midterm Vote Re-Elects Gov. Larry Hogan

Blue State Supports Republican for 2nd Time


NY Times

Despite being a major-Democratic stronghold, Md. voters re-elected Rep. Larry Hogan as governor.

Zhubin Bashiri, Editor

The 2018 Midterm Elections had many twists, turns, and eventful surprises. Maryland seeming predictable but had quite a change as well.

In the state gubernatorial race, incumbent  Larry Hogan (Rep.) beat out former NAACP-president Ben Jealous (Dem.). Realclearpolitics reported that Hogan beat Jealous by 13.4% of votes.

The other surprises were in the numbers from Montgomery and Prince George’s counties flipping with their projected numbers. PG County went from Gonzalezes projected 46 to 33 percent to what Yahoo reported was a 70.8% to a 28.3% and Montgomery County went from a projected 60 percent to 25 percent to an actual 54.6 percent to 44.6 percent.

CHS junior Zoe Tishaev stated, “ We have already seen in the 2016 election that polling can be very misleading and everybody thought Hillary Clinton was going to win, and we thought that the nation would be blue, and it wasn’t. A lot of people underestimated Hogan. I mean there were a lot more Democrats that voted for him that people would believe because he has done a lot of things for the state and there is no denying that.”

Only one Md. county was heavily contested according to Yahoo. Charles County resulted in a tight margin of .1%, with Hogan winning the county 49.7 percent to 49.6 percent.

Overall Hogan did phenomenal in the election getting 1,196,993 votes while Jealous got 910,890 votes.

After his victory, Hogan told The Baltimore Sun, “Thanks to you, I just became the second Republican governor ever re-elected in the entire history of our state. 

Hogan had led in a number independent public opinion polls for a year which was a major factor in his victory.

In the end, Hogan and Jealous battled fiercely and Hogan turned out on top.

His victory could be best summed up in his own words, “Tonight in this deep blue state, in this blue year, with a blue wave, it turns out I can surf.”