Coyotes Craft Blankets For Children’s Hospital


Denise Miller

Volunteers in the Be The Change club helped make blankets for Children’s National hospital.

Gabriela Diaz, Reporter

The Be The Change club brought together students Dec. 17 to make blankets for children in need at local hospitals.

Founded by CHS students Jemima Monda and Christina Yang to spread positivity throughout the school, the club also strives to gives back to the community.

During the season of giving, the club gave students an opportunity to help children while eating snacks and enjoying holiday music. Students that came out also had the opportunity to earn SSL hours.

Thankfully a lot of people came out to support the club and the event ended up being a blast. Co-founder creator Jemima Monga says the event was very successful and everyone had a great time.

“We made more blankets than our goal was. We ended up making over 50 blankets.” Jemima said.

Many volunteers were doubtful about going, but by the end had a great time with friends and even teammates. Freshman, Ella Garfinkel ended up having a blast cutting blankets and eating snacks with friends.

“I had a lot of fun and it was fun to work together with other people in the school. It was an easy fun way to earn a couple of SSL hours and I would definitely do it again,” freshman Ella Garfinkel said.

Some of the volunteers included Coyotes athletes who donated their free time before practice to a good cause, including part of the poms team.

“Me and my teammates thought it would be fun to come out and help right before practice. We couldn’t stay long but we got some blankets tied and some good food,” freshman  Zoe Devine said.