Spotify Helps Music Streamers Wrap Up 2018

"2018 Wrapped" Feature Allows Listeners to Reflect on Musical Tastes



Spotify's "Wrapped" feature has students reflecting on their 2018 musical choices.

Samantha Ward, Reporter

December is usually the month to look back on the past year and reminisce about all the good times. Spotify, the popular music streaming app, is allowing it’s listeners to do exactly that with it’s 2018 Wrapped feature.

Toward the end of each year, Spotify gives its users a recap of the music they have been listening to all year. Spotify’s 2018 Wrapped provides users with a playlist of their top 100 songs from the year as well as a “Tastebreakers” playlist for songs they may be interested in for 2019. Additionally, it also tells users their top artists, the first song they listened to at the beginning of the year, and how many minutes they have spent listening to Spotify in 2018.

“The week Spotify released Wrapped, that’s all anyone was posting about on social media,” senior Annie Weixel said. “It’s always just so interesting because I never realized how often I actually listened to one particular song or artist.”.

Before Spotify introduced Wrapped in 2016, their recap feature was known as Year in Music. Since then, Spotify has been making Wrapped more personalized each year. Spotify even launched 2018 Artist Wrapped in which musical artists also receive data about their most popular songs, total hours streamed, and how many fans they gained.

“Every year Wrapped just gets better and better,” senior Charlotte Pond said. “This year they gave you so much more insight about the songs and artists you listened to.”

As of July 2018, Spotify had over 180 million active users worldwide, 83 million being premium users. In a poll of 50 random CHS students, 34 of them (68%) are Spotify users, whereas only 16 of them (32%) use Apple music, Spotify’s biggest competition.

“I use Apple music because honestly I never really saw a difference between all the music streaming apps, but seeing everyone get their recap of music in 2018 makes me wish I had gotten Spotify,” senior Cassie Graham said.

To access your 2018 Spotify wrapped you have to go to the wrapped website and log in with your Spotify account. From there it will take you through a series of slides that reveal details about your different listening habits, maybe more details than you asked for.