Arensmeyer Overcomes Chest Condition


Tony Kosiyachinda

Junior Bailey Arensmeyer was diagnosed with pectus excavatum which required chest surgery in 2017.

Max Bennett, Reporter

CHS junior Bailey Arensmeyer has lived with a chest condition for 15 years.

His diagnosis of pectus excavatum makes it hard for him to participate in high school sports.

“My chest caved in and it made it harder to breathe while I did physical activities,” Bailey said.

He continues to participate in baseball and used to play football at CHS. During sports it was hard for him to do long distance runs because his lungs were not at maximum air capacity; they were only at 20%.

“As I got into high school sports more, I realized I needed to get this issue fixed,” Bailey said.

Bailey’s condition shifted his heart over to the right of its intended position so surgery was required.

The surgery was obviously dangerous because his heart shifted, so they had to complete the surgery without touching the heart. Surgeons cut open his chest on the sides by his ribs, then they stuck 2 U-shaped titanium bars through his body and flipped them to pop his chest back out into place.

His mother Carolyn Arensmeyer said, “I was so nervous because they were doing surgery around his heart and anything could’ve happened.”