Carr Participates in Competitive Disney Dreamers Academy

CHS junior Lillian Carr (center bottom) attended the coveted Disney Dreamer Academy this summer.

Lillian Carr

CHS junior Lillian Carr (center bottom) attended the coveted Disney Dreamer Academy this summer.

Jasmine Hildred, Reporter

CHS junior class president Lillian Carr is an ambitious student who was accepted into the Disney Dreamers Academy in March 2018.

The Disney Dreamers Academy is a very competitive program that only accepts a 100 of the brightest and most innovative students between the ages of 13 and 19 years old within the United States. She spent four days at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL learning and developing skills by attending workshops and meeting different inspirational mentors.

“I wasn’t surprised that she got in she is always so hardworking and smart. They picked the perfect person to go,” her friend, CHS junior Ayani Smith-Williams said.

Lillian learned from role models like Steve Harvey, Ne-Yo, and The Mcclain sisters who all spoke of their trailblazing success stories and the journey it took to get there. The mentors gave motivational speeches about choosing careers paths and having the proper skills that will prepare them in the workplace.

“It taught me that I’m capable of doing anything I want to do and not let anything distract me from where I’m going,” Lillian said.

Lillian had a fun time meeting new friends from other schools too. She met people with amazing stories like someone who created a prosthetic leg for himself. Another girl was an aspiring marine biologist. The academy opened up a world of new opportunities for Lillian that she wouldn’t have been exposed to had she not attended the Dreamers Academy.

“I had a lot of fun; it’s an experience I won’t ever forget,” Lillian said.

Furthering her entrepreneurial spirit, Lillian has started her own non-profit organization where she raises money for the less fortunate. During one recent endeavor, Lillian organized a group of friends and family to raise money for the National Cancer Society Relay for Life in May 2018. The group raised close to $1,000 by soliciting donations and through bake sales.

“I was so proud of her. I feel like she’s accomplished a lot and she’s so determined to reach her goal to make it in life” Lillian’s mom, Kim Carr said.

Future plans for life after graduation in 2020 are already underway for Lillian. While she is undecided which college she will attend undergraduate school, one thing she knows for sure is that it will definitely be one of the many prestigious Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Following undergrad, she plans to go to law school. Her sights are set high on starting her own law firm, and then one day going into politics.  It’s possible that in the future people might hear that Lillian is running for a state governor position somewhere.

“You never know, the sky’s the limit,” Lillian said.