Sarkodie Gets to “Stepping”

Junior choreographs and teachers moves for Step Team and African Student Association.


Audrey Sarkodie

Junior Audrey Sarkodie (far right) creates and teaches choreography for two CHS clubs.

Rebecca Sofon, Reporter

CHS junior Audrey Sarkodie juggles what some might call an excessive amount of work on a daily basis. She is involved in the National Juniors Honors Society, takes three AP classes, and, on top of that, she is the captain of two different clubs: the step team and ASA (African Student Association) dance team.

Sarkodie spends her free-time creating musical beats and trying to put together something entertaining. She designs the accompanying choreography all by herself and later puts it into a perfected routine.

”I love how I have the ability to make up and create these moves and help people learn and have the ability to teach them,” said Sarkodie.

Despite some obstacles, whether it be a club member missing a huge performance, or a random student disrupting practice, Sarkodie is up for any challenge and knows how to handle any situation with class. Many of her friends describe her as a natural-born leader.

“When Audrey doesn’t like how something turns out, she works hard to fix it and make it right and to her liking. She leads the two dance groups (step team and ASA) well. She knows what she is doing,” junior Yanel-Kette-Seka said.

Sarkodie has been creating steps since her sophomore year and has created African dance routines by herself even before high school. She uses her creativity and teaching abilities to help embrace the black culture.

“I find it amazing how she can just be in class and start thinking of beats and trying to make a routine out of it, every day she has a new burst of creativity. She works immensely hard to put routines in place,” junior Elshaddai Siressa said.