Super Bowl, More Like Super Bore

Coyotes Disappointed in This Year's Big Game

Super Bowl LIII was a major letdown for many Coyote football fans.


Super Bowl LIII was a major letdown for many Coyote football fans.

Ronak Tallur, Reporter

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Millions of football fans across the nation and around the world tuned in to CBS to watch Super Bowl 53 on February 3. Expectations were high for this big game; the NFL championship is considered by some to be an informal national holiday. Super Bowl 53 was hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, and pitted the five-time champion New England Patriots against the powerful offensive attack of the Los Angeles Rams. The question wasn’t who would win the game as much as how high the scoring would be. After all, the previous two Super Bowl games had ended with a total of 62 and 74 points respectively.

At the end of the game, however, the score was a meager 13-3 in favor of the Patriots. The final result felt strange because, in a league that is known for high-scoring Super Bowl matches with crazy endings, a Super Bowl with only one offensive touchdown felt uncharacteristic.

Fans across the nation were quick to call out the game as one of the most boring of all time. The famous Super Bowl commercials and the much anticipated Halftime Show didn’t win back points for the horrendous game, either.

Students at Clarksburg High School vehemently expressed their displeasure with the outcome of the game.

“I wasn’t hyped for the game and I wish I hadn’t watched,” said sophomore Josh Oyeneyin.

Reviews of the halftime performance featuring pop band Maroon 5, and rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi, were generally unfavorable.

“The songs that were performed during the Halftime Show didn’t sound as good as they do on the radio,” commented sophomore Sidhant Narula.

Even teachers who are football fans did not enjoy the game as much as they had prior Super Bowls.

“I thought that the Super Bowl was awful,” said social studies teacher Kyle Landefeld. “I think it was really an indicator on how the season went because it wasn’t that great. It would be interesting to see what happens to viewership in the NFL next season.”

Though Super Bowl 53 was generally considered to be a major letdown, football fans at Clarksburg hope that the outcome will be different next year. Until then, viewers can look forward to the vast array of movies and television shows teased throughout the game’s commercials.