Can Apex Legends Overtake Fortnite?


Characters from the games Apex Legends (left) and Fortnite (right) are battling for the attention of today’s young adult gamers.

Caden Troffkin, Opinion Editor

Following the footsteps of the cultural phenomenon, Fortnite, Apex Legends is the latest popular battle royale video game. Fortnite is one of the most popular games out right now, but Apex Legends is projected to overtake it.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends had 25 million players after only being out for seven days. Fortnite took eight weeks after being released to rope in 25 million players. If Apex Legends keeps growing at its current rate, it could possibly be the most successful game of all time.

CHS sophomore Morgan Bragg commented, “Fortnite has slowly been losing players recently and I think the release of Apex Legends was released at the perfect time because it gave old Fortnite players something to play.”

According to the gaming website VGR, “In September, Epic Games’ video game had 105.8 million viewers on Twitch. In comparison, it had 131.4 million viewers in August, and its peak was 151.9 million viewers in July. According to this data released by StreamElements, Fortnite has lost over 45 million viewers in the last two months.”

Although a lot of Fortnite players are switching to Apex Legends, there are still many people who are remaining loyal. Fortnite still has over 100 million daily players so it’s nowhere near dying out like a lot of gamers think it is.

Rocky Hill Middle School student Chase Moore, a daily Fortnite player, stated, “Apex Legends isn’t better than Fortnite in my opinion. Fortnite has way more to offer like Creative Mode and different game modes that come out. Fortnite is also played by mostly a younger audience and they wouldn’t want to switch to Apex because Fortnite is more kid-friendly.”

Fortnite is rated for ages 12 and above, but “underage” kids still play the game. The free version of the game can be downloaded from home rather than going to the store and purchasing it. According to the website Statista, 62.7 percent of  Fortnite’s players are between the ages of 18-24, but not much research has been done to find the percentage of younger players due to the aforementioned age limit.

Time will tell whether Apex Legends will come out on top or not.