‘Escape Room’? More Like Boring Room

March 4, 2019



Escape rooms have becoming trendy hangouts recently but the movie, “Escape Room”, lacks the same enthusiasm.

Rating:3 stars out of 5

Escape rooms are meant to be conquered so you come out alive at the end. The movie “Escape Room”, released Jan. 4, and is about a young girl and five other people who get invited to an escape room, but there’s a twist.

“It was a decent movie, however, the ending could have been a whole lot better,” junior Ambree Brooks said.

“Escape Room” could have been a great movie if it had more emotional build-up added to it. When watching the movie, it was not as intriguing as it could have been. Audiences found it just okay with a 52% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“I felt the same emotion throughout the whole film. There wasn’t anything that they did to make me a bit more excited or keeping me at the edge of my seat,” junior Chloe Potts exclaimed.

At times the movie felt predictable; it was as if during every scene you already knew what was going to happen and that did not make the movie any more enjoyable. The actors did very well at playing their roles. You could definitely tell who was the dumb guy, or the mean girl and so on. Despite the predictability and emotional flat-line, some CHS students had good things to say about the film.

“I liked the cast; the people that were cast played their parts to a ‘T’. You could feel what they were feeling through the screen,” junior Maria Lopez noted.

On the plus side though, due to the cliffhanger ending, there will definitely be a sequel to this film. Let’s hope it does a whole lot better than the first film.  


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