Eggs-traordinary Instagram Post Of An Egg Breaks World Record

The Instagram egg post hit over 53 million likes.

Thao Pham

The Instagram egg post hit over 53 million likes.

Thao Pham, Reporter

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Shortly after the new year, an account on Instagram posted a photo of an egg in an attempt to surpass Kylie Jenner for the most liked picture on the app. It ended up breaking a world record for the most liked online post on any social media platform in history.

On Jan. 4, a picture of a brown speckled egg was posted to Instagram with the account name of world_record_egg with the intention of exceeding Jenner’s post for the number of likes. In less than 10 days the photo was being reposted all over the social media app. The account currently has more than 10 million followers and is verified. The post ended up with more likes than it intended to receive with 53 million likes and 3 million comments.

“I think it’s pretty cool to see what people can do when they come together to achieve a goal,” sophomore Jessica Morales said.

Although the person behind the account still remains anonymous, the account continues to be active and has come out with its own merch line with the logo “I Liked The Egg” on all sorts of apparel. Jenner, who previously held the most liked photo on Instagram showing her daughter Stormi Webster at 18 million likes, responded with a video of her smashing an egg on the ground to build on a sense of humor.

“At first I thought it was odd to see a picture of an egg get reposted repeatedly on my explore page and it wasn’t until a few days later that I understood why people were getting excited over a post. I think it’s funny that a picture of an egg got twice as many likes than a photo of a celebrity’s daughter,” sophomore Isabela Rodriguez said.

Some adults don’t understand what all the commotion about the egg post is about because they don’t use social media as much as teens.

“Why are people getting excited over an egg? I think it’s weird,” Rodriguez’s mom said.

People are curious as to who the challenger behind the account is. There have been assumptions: could it have been a social media influencer, a celebrity, or even just a random person? Social media follower will continue to speculate until the person has been revealed.

“I believe the person behind the account could just be a random person looking for attention but he/she didn’t think that the post would get this far. Eventually, the person behind the account will have to reveal themselves or all of this work would’ve been for nothing,” junior Jacqueline Garcia said.

This world record-breaking egg may be the biggest talk of this generation.