CHS Unveils New Advisory Format

The new advisory bell schedule has CHS students and staff talking.

Clarksburg High School

The new advisory bell schedule has CHS students and staff talking.

Nicole Torres, Reporter

CHS students and staff have been discussing the recent changes to the advisory schedule starting Mar. 7.

The structure of advisory was changed mostly to address attendance issues. Where advisory used to be a 21-minute separate class period/teacher for every student, now it is a 15-minute extension of 1st period every other Thursday.

Before the first “new” advisory, many students and staff debated about the length of advisory and how it would affect the school day, and whether a shortened advisory is beneficial. Many students admit that they did not engage with the old advisory format.

“A lot of students don’t really pay attention to the videos that they give in the advisory. I also feel like we should have a longer lunch because it allows us, students, to have a break from all the work,” freshman Marvin Juwillie said.

However, other CHS students don’t believe that a longer lunch will be benficial.

“I really don’t believe that we should change the times of advisory just so we can have a longest lunch period. For the longest time I’ve gotten used the schedule and I feel that if there was a change it would confuse the students, so I believe that changing the times would be confusing and not helping the students,” freshman Lilah Colbert said.

Despite the students wishes, many staff members appreciated the lessons presented during advisory. Staff also did not see the need for a longer lunch period.

“I feel like we really don’t need our lunch time longer and have a smaller advisory time because the videos we have for advisory really help students with their lives, so I believe that shortening advisory is really not necessary,” social studies teacher Kimberly Moore said.

Overall the discussion of the advisory schedule is still in the air. Both sides of the topic have their strengths and many have the feeling that this could help students but some believe that this is just not really necessary right now.