Coyotes Back Two Familiar SMOB Candidates

Two different CHS juniors will run for the 2019 SMOB candidacy.


Zoe Tishaev's Twitter

Zoe Tishaev’s 2019 Montgomery County Student Member of the Board campaign picture.

Max Bennett, Reporter

Since 1979, MCPS has had a student member on its Board of Education. The requirements are that one must be a sophomore or junior in an MCPS high school.

The candidacy process is very long and it takes most of the school year to complete. The process starts in May with the election administrator being selected and it ends in the following April with the SMOB candidate being chosen.

CHS alumnus Dahlia Huh had a successful tenure as SMOB during the 2014-2015 school year. However, she might have company after this year because there are two 2019-2020 CHS candidates: juniors Lillian Carr and Zoe Tishaev.

Both candidates have been very active in their campaigns visiting different cities and schools throughout MoCo.

“I’ve visited schools up and down the county, middle and high, and expanded my social media presence considerably,” Tishaev said. “Getting the word out and communicating with MCPS students from all over has always been the number one priority of this campaign.”

Both CHS candidates have been trying to further their campaigns mainly through social media. Both have posted on various platforms about their campaigns.

Sophomore Sid Voonna, the SMOB liaison for CHS, has been working closely with both candidates to help their campaign. Voonna attends the MCR executive board meetings and voices Clarksburg’s opinion and passes that information along to the board and to the CHS SMOB candidates.

During the next month, Carr and Tishaev will attend the nominating convention, which helps narrow down the candidates from across the county until there are only two left.

This is also not the first time these candidates have faced each other in a political arena. Carr won the election for class president the last time these two faced off head-to-head. Both candidates are very active in the school community, and both have a good chance of becoming the next SMOB from Clarksburg.

“I think it is very exciting that Clarksburg has two candidates,” history teacher Megan Wessel commented.