County Approves New Sidewalk Along 355

Sidewalks will be built along 355 after county officials started getting complaints.

Montgomery County Department of Transportation

Sidewalks will be built along 355 after county officials started getting complaints.

Gabriela Diaz, Reporter

After a long wait, there will finally be a sidewalk on Frederick Road, Stringtown Road, and Milestone Manor Lane.

This project will provide the first shared-use path connection between Clarksburg and North Germantown. This project will provide a new 10-foot wide shared path along the west side of Frederick Road (MD 355) between Stringtown Road and the existing shared path near Milestone Manor Lane, a distance of approximately 2.5 miles. The entire project will replace about 0.9 miles of existing sidewalk segments in order to provide a continuous route serving two schools, two parks, and a church. The project includes streetlights and street trees. Final designs are currently underway. Construction started in 2018 and is expected to be fully completed in 2020.

This sidewalk would impact many Clarksburg students and families providing another way of transportation. This sidewalk will especially impact students that do not have a car yet.

“You can’t walk anywhere really, there aren’t any sidewalks and you have to find someone to drive you around this area,” freshman Devyn Canas-Myers, a Milestone resident, said.

      Another reason the sidewalk would be very convenient is that it’s an easier way to get to the Milestone shopping center. CHS students who love stores such as Walmart often struggle to get there.

      “Man I’m just trying to get some snacks but there’s no way I can get there,” freshman Nicole Torres-Rivera said.

      Students or teachers that have cars don’t really mind that the new sidewalk is being built. Many just say that they are slowing down traffic and that it’s going to be useless. Some even argue that they shouldn’t bother building a sidewalk at all.

      “When I try to get here in the morning there’s just a bunch of traffic because people are trying to get a look of how the sidewalk is going. It’s not like they’re actually gonna use the sidewalk,” Spanish teacher Maritza Aguilar said.