Popular Show “Riverdale” Loses Important Actor


Vivien Killilea

Actor Luke Perry (right), who passed away earlier this month, posed with his fiance Wendy Madison Bauer at an awards show.

Thao Pham, Reporter

 American actor Luke Perry died March 4 at the age 52 after suffering from a stroke.

He played in at least 22 movies and multiple tv shows. Perry was especially known for his role on the popular teen drama Riverdale as Fred Andrews, as well as his long-running roles on Beverly Hills and 90210.

After his stroke, Perry was hospitalized for a couple of days and stayed under observation before his death on the following Monday. He died at the Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank with his two children, ex-wife and his fiance at his bedside. Fans are sending out prayers to the family and giving them time to mourn. It is a heartbreaking moment for fans all over the world and for his cast mates.

“I didn’t know who he was until I saw Riverdale and it is such a tragedy that he has passed away because he was an amazing actor and such a good person,” sophomore Analea Chavez said.

Many people are wondering what changes are going to be made to the show after his death. Is he going to be replaced by another actor, cut out completely without any explanation, or is the director going to give the character a death scene?

“I hope they give his character a proper death scene so that way he could still be honored in some way with respect for his role. They should make an episode solely dedicated to him so that it gives his loved ones and his fans closure. It would be nice if the other characters would still mention his name throughout the show so it doesn’t feel like his character completely just disappeared,” sophomore Morgan King said.

Following Perry’s sudden death, it was revealed that he got engaged with his secret fiance Wendy Madison Bauer, which he had kept private. Bauer was also a former actress who had small roles a couple of shows and is currently a family therapist.

“It was actually really shocking because no one really knew if he got in another relationship after his divorce and he kept his life really personal and private so it was a surprise to a lot of people that he was even engaged. I feel really bad for his fiance though because now she’s all alone,” freshman Gurpiya Singh said.

Perry was a good man who was dedicated to his acting career, he will always be remembered in our hearts.