Instagram Site Experiences Second Recent Crash

CHS users are upset about the company's recent issues



Instagram published a tweet to explain the company's crash to its users.

Thao Pham, Reporter

Instagram crashed yet again March 13 and many users are freaking out due to login and page refreshing problems. Users are starting to get annoyed with the updates and new additions to the app.

Instagram is an app widely used throughout the world and is very popular with 10.2 million ratings and 4.8 stars according to the App store. All social media apps are bound to experience an outage every once in a while. Instagram has been down multiple times in the past and has once again crashed. Instagram has then relied on Twitter to get more info out to the users telling them that the app will be fixed in no time.

“We’re aware of an issue impacting people’s access to Instagram right now. We know this is frustrating, and our team is hard at work to resolve this ASAP,” Instagram tweeted during its recent crash.

Users are becoming very frustrated towards their staff because six hours had gone by and still no fixes. Multiple problems have risen from not being able to log in to not being able to post or refresh the explorer page. Some people had even begun to think that they had been hacked or that there was a virus on their phone.

“I thought there was a problem with my phone so I decided to log out and then try logging back in and when that didn’t work, I deleted the app and redownloaded it. When nothing worked I started to think that maybe I got hacked or something,” sophomore Kaitlyn Sabalbaro said.

When Instagram was down, it also dragged Facebook and WhatsApp down with it. Since Instagram was the core of those social media apps they all started to malfunction. Users were unable to post, comment, like and watch their favorite videos. After the situation, lots of people were fed up with the app and began to delete it, disable their account, or just stop posting.

“I could see why people got annoyed with the app because it was way better before all of the new updates. The new version of Instagram is just getting way out of hand, it started copying Snapchat and YouNow. Some of the updates are really bad,” sophomore Aura Salazar said.

Many users still love and adore the app but perhaps they should stop with the constant new updates whereas it may be causing the app to sometimes breakdown.