Should there be less homework?


Kidan WIlliams

Many CHS freshman are finding the amount of homework in high school to be too demanding.

Kidan Williams, Reporter

Having a lot of homework is a struggle that most high school students go through. Keeping up with assignments, and balancing extracurricular activities can be stressful for a teenager. But are the all-nighters, late assignments, and anxiety worth it?

Having a lot of homework can cause many negative consequences, and a big one most high schoolers experience is sleep deprivation. “They say the average amount of sleep a person should get is 8-10 hours, but honestly that’s so unrealistic especially as a student,” freshman Srusti Fujii. “Extra-curricular activities take up most of my afternoon so when I come home it’s late and I’m tired.” Homework can also affect the mental health of high schoolers. Piles of homework and strict deadlines can lead to increased stress, anxiety and other mood disturbances among students. On top of their homework, students are also preparing for the SAT’s and upcoming AP exams.

“When I get a lot of homework it sometimes stresses me out and I feel like most teenagers can relate to this,” freshman Riya Shah said. “It can put me in a bad mood and I don’t feel motivated to finish all of it. Since I have taken an AP class this year, I decided to do the AP exam, and I have started to study for that as well.”

Is having homework really a bad thing? There are a few bright spots of doing homework. With homework, students can practice the material that they learned in class, and preparation assignments for a topic can give students an insight into what they are going to be learning later on.

“Even though I don’t like homework, there are some classes where I need homework so I won’t forget or so I can understand the topic,”  freshman Marilyn Nguyen said.

If schools lessened the amount of homework, students might benefit from this mentally. Homework is great for studying and practice but when it is given excessively it gets stressful. Students also need to take the time to balance their schedules and organize the number of extracurricular activities with the school work that they have.

“Having less homework would be great for students but, being organized still comes in handy. Students shouldn’t be doing homework for hours upon, hours and it’s good to be doing other things once in a while” Shah said.