CHS Students Crave A Longer, More Fun Spring Break


Alexander Demyanenko

Imagine waking up to this view. This can all be done with a longer spring break

Aaron Heller, Reporter

Spring Break is just over two weeks away. Many CHS students andare complaining that Spring Break is too short. The reasoning behind the shorter Spring break is because of the MCPS (Montgomery County Public Schools) school year start dates. They moved it up to labor day so they made Spring Break shorter.

Many people have to cancel or cut their vacation short because of a lack of time they have to do things for Spring break. People also just want a longer break from school.

“I think Spring Break should definitely be longer,” senior Peter Phillips stated. “It has been a long school year, it would be nice to get a week or two break from school. I would like to go somewhere for winter break with my family. Sometimes it’s nice to get out of Maryland for a vacation.”

A Longer Spring Break also allows more holiday time. A lot of Jewish families celebrate Passover. Passover is a very religious holiday. There is not normally enough days during Spring Break for Passover to be celebrated. A lot of the times, kids miss school so they can go to celebrate with their families.

Junior Lauren Heller says, “I think Spring Break should be longer. When we go up to Philly for Passover, I want to be able to celebrate Passover with the family without worrying about going back to school the day after Passover. Teachers also like to give work for me to do over Spring Break. It is really hard for me to do Homework and have fun with the family.”

A longer Spring also means more time for students to work. Many students don’t have a lot of time during the school week to work. With a longer Spring Break, this gives them more hours to make more money.

Senior Nate Jones stated, “ I need more money, I can’t work with school in the way. If Spring break was like two weeks, I can get a lot more money. I need money to save for college. Also, it would be nice to have more money just to spend on myself like clothes or food.”

Longer Spring Break would be good for many people. There are many reasons it should be extended.

Steven Diaz said “I am not too excited for spring break. It is not long enough for me to do anything. they need to change this as soon as possible. Make it longer.”