Captain Marvel Keeps Superheroes Marvelous

An overview of the newest Marvel movie

March 26, 2019


The Wrap

Marvel’s Newest Addition to Their Roster of Superheros, Captain Marvel, adds a strong female lead to a male-dominated genre.

Captain Marvel is an origin story superhero movie that was released March 8. It takes place in the 1990s and follows a character named Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larsen) during her displacement from Earth.

Captain Marvel is also the first Marvel superhero movie to have a lead female character paving the way for more female-centric superhero movie such as the pending Black Widow movie.

Wired reporter Angela Watercutter said, “Everyone is free to love or hate Captain Marvel in equal measure. But to say that only women will like Carol Danvers or that her movie is just about Marvel finally doing a female-fronted superhero flick is to tie one hand behind her back—and it’s time to set her free.”

Captain Marvel starts off with Danvers having no recollection of her previous life. She soon realizes she was not from the planet Kree and was from Earth where she had connections to a secret project with a device called a “tesseract” (which Avengers fans will notice). Danvers returns to earth and meets Marvel staple character Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson).

Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a 79 percent approval rating with an audience approval of 62 percent. Some CHS students have already attended a screening of the film and most have positive thoughts about Captain Marvel.

Senior Shannon Van said, “I thought the movie was excellent and if you watch Marvel movies you have to go see it!”

As of 2 weeks ago Captain Marvel ranks 20th in best selling marvel movies of all time with it only being out for around 3 weeks.

Captain Marvel is a great movie and it fits right into the Marvel timeline. If you are planning on going to see Avengers Endgame next month, then you should definitely go see Captain Marvel first.


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