Are the Outlets Coming to an End?

Neighborhood Construction and Traffic Cause Loss In Customers


Clarksburg Premium Outlets®

Picture of the Outlets that have brought the attention of many people in different areas but now have died down.

Nicole Torres, Reporter

Every since the Clarksburg Premium Outlets opened 90 stores in October of 2016, many people have flocked to the Clarksburg area over the past 2.5 years. While the outlets were incredibly popular when they opened, it seems like people are no longer interested?

Many people thought that the outlets would bring more people into the area, which it did when it first opened, but, over the past couple of months, the outlets have been losing a few customers lately. If you’re looking for a well time to plan on going to these outlets it might have to be during the weekday if you aren’t trying to look for parking. During the weekends are the times that the outlets will get packed with people overloading the parking and you bet a whole lot of traffic coming off the exit of I270. In many of the reviews for the outlets, many have reviewed that the outlets were always packed with shoppers in hours of 11 a.m through 6 p.m on the weekends considering that people want to leave their house and go out. Other people think that the outlets have also brought not so good situations in the area including traffic and construction

“Yes for sure, it definitely does have its moments where it gets packed like for certain holidays like Christmas and for Black Friday but on a daily basis it doesn’t have as much of a crowd as before,” sophomore Esperanza Huerta said.

Many have reviewed that they wished that the stores in the outlets were more like outlets stores with prices that would match a price that was given in the Hagerstown outlets, many reviewed that they prices are just pricey for where they placed the outlet.

“The outlets are a good place to hang out but it has like really expensive stores where I would like to shop, but I can’t because I don’t have the money for it like Tory Burch and Calvin Klein,” sophomore Dessire Amaya said.

In other people’s perspective, the outlets have been one of the best things that have happened in the Clarksburg area. People think that these outlets are best for the older generation and not quite for the younger ones as they like other things that aren’t put in the outlets.

“I think the outlets are more focused on the older people, who have money because clothing I expensive and not really for teens, or younger kids, it has one or two stores but that quite it,” math teacher Arman Klinger.