Clarksburg Needs An Open Lunch


Rebecca Sofon

This picture is an exemplar of how long the lines are here at CHS, open lunch could allow for the lunch lines to reduce.

Rebecca Sofon, Reporter

The CHS lunch schedule is typically 41 minutes long and students often look forward to eating and enjoyable lunch. But having an open lunch would solve problems and could create happier students.

“Having an open lunch here would actually help solve the problems that we have like students not getting enough time to eat, along with the long lunch lines,” freshman Koelis Assogba said.

Adding an open lunch would give students a chance to show responsibility, and it would also ensure a trust established with the administration and staff as well. Many seniors and some juniors who have a car, leave at the beginning of lunch and make it back before the beginning of the 6th period despite the rules against leaving.  

“I know a lot of people who have a car and go to Cafe Rio or McDonald’s during the lunchtime anyways,” junior Audrey Sarkodie said.

Adding open lunch will most likely help the long lunch lines that occur here at CHS. Students who do not own a car or do not have a means of transportation would be able to receive the school lunch without having to wait for over 10-15 minutes to get it.

“I have seen the lines and they go a long way. For some students, if they don’t get there early they have to wait so long before eating their lunch. Some don’t even have enough time left,” Assogba said.

Having this open lunch will allow students who have dietary restrictions to have choices and options for what they want to eat and can allow for their needs to be met.

“I am vegan and I’m sure the food here would not satisfy me. If open lunch were a thing I’d definitely stop by Chipotle or &Pizza,” junior Yanel-Kette-Seka said.  

Open lunch does not harm anyone as long as the student[s] are responsible for their actions, and can ensure they’ll be back in time.

Students are even starting to have food delivered via Ubereats, Doordash, and many other food delivery sites prompting principal Edward Owusu to tweet “Please stop ordering food delivery to the school. No Bueno. It’s not safe, delivery drivers are turned away and lose $$, and it presents safety concerns with deliveres all over the school. Thanks for following this rule… oh, and don’t leave campus!”

At this point, open lunch might as well happen.