Moco Students Walk Out Against Gun Violence


Jasmine Hildred

Students from Montgomery County Schools gathered at the Capitol in protest of gun violence.

Jasmine Hildred, Reporter

Thousands of MCPS students walked out of school Mar. 14 and traveled to their nearest Metro station and rallied in front of the White House to protest gun violence.

The issue of gun violence reaches to all students in all areas. The increase of school shootings in the past year has been unacceptable and has gotten worse because of the easy ability to purchase a gun. The student group Moco for Gun Control was created in order to focus on mass shootings and gun violence in schools. Students gathered in hopes of convincing lawmakers to address the issue of gun violence and strengthen background checks for those trying to purchase guns.

“We’ve had too many incidents at schools now and it’s important that we as students feel safe at school” junior Lyla Jamal said.

Students met in front of the White House for a moment of silence before heading down to the capitol where people listened to speakers who have been directly affected by gun violence reinforcing the message of having stricter gun control policies.

Thousands of the students who came to march were filled with grief, unity, and frustration. Students tired of having to feel unsafe going to school, feel it’s time for the government to hear their voices about the action that needs to be made. School should be a safe place for the students, teachers, and faculty. Signs could be seen in every direction. Signs that read “Arms are for Hugging”, “Love your kids more than your guns”, and “is my school next?”, were just some of the sayings that students wrote on their signs expressing the true fear each student had.

   “It was such a great experience seeing how many people gathered together,” junior Tatyana El-Amin said.

   It’s empowering to see so many people who came to D.C to take a stand for better gun laws and justice for the lives lost to the school shootings. Gun violence has affected people and puts fear in peoples’ minds. It’s time for laws on guns to be made so that in the future the next generation of students can feel safe going to school.

   “I felt so proud to be a part of such a great movement like this” junior Nicole Carriz said.