CHS Needs Better Connection To Wifi


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With a better connection, people can do a lot more in the class

Aaron Heller, Reporter

Many CHS students and teachers complain every day about weak Wifi in the building.  There are many reasons that CHS needs to give more access to Wifi. It would be very beneficial overall for most people.

A big problem with a lack of Wifi is, people can’t always check school-related apps on their phone. People need to check their grades and work throughout the year. A lot of teachers use Google Classroom. Many students have trouble logging on to Google classroom on their phone.

“It would be nice to have better connection because I want to be able to access school apps on my phone,” junior Zack McDougal said. “I can never get into my portal or Google Classroom on my phone. I also would like to check my grades on myMCPS Helper on my phone as well. I can’t do that with bad connection to Wifi.”

Many people like to listen to music while working. It can help some students focus in on work. With a lack of Wifi, people can’t connect to their music apps. Some people rely on listing to music to do their work.

“When I do any work, I need to listen to music,” senior Nate Jones stated. “It just helps me focus. It is very hard to do work without music. There are some classes that have no Wifi at all, and it is impossible to play music. Music also just puts me in a better mood. I am more motivated to do work. Clarksburg needs to make a change and fix the Wifi.”

Better access to Wifi can also help with communication. With a lack of connection, many people have trouble sending and receiving texts. People need Wifi to see what their parents and/or friends need to say.

“Sometimes, it’s hard to text my parents, or for my parents text me about important information,” senior Noah Dickerson claimed. I need Wifi to text a lot of the times. My connection is not good at all. MCPS needs to fix the connection ASAP.”

If CHS gave people more access to Wifi, people’s overall school experience could be better. It would be easier to do work, communicate with people, listen to music, and many do many other things.

Lauren Heller(Junior) says, “Yeah, I would love to have better Wifi. It would just help me with everything at school. I can do way more things with a better connection.”