Clarksburg Teacher Earns Prestigious Education Award

The Marian Greenblatt Education Fund recognizes outstanding teachers each year, giving out a variety of awards.

Marian Greenblatt Education Fund

The Marian Greenblatt Education Fund recognizes outstanding teachers each year, giving out a variety of awards.

Kara Peeler, Editor-In-Chief

CHS social studies teacher Teak Bassett was awarded a Marian Greenblatt Award for excellence in education this March for his inspiring teaching.

The foundation is named after a late Maryland educator and aims to reward MCPS educators for outstanding success in schools and for “their ability to inspire their students to achieve and to encourage younger teachers to be the best they can be” according to the fund’s website.

Bassett was granted the Master Teachers award along with two other teachers. Of these three teachers, one will win the Montgomery County Teacher of the Year. This award result will be released within the next calendar year. The Montgomery County Teacher of the Year would then be entered into the Maryland Teacher of the Year award, making them eligible for the National Teacher of the Year award. On March 11, a ceremony was held at Clarksburg to honor Bassett’s success.

Bassett is known for helping many students earn fives on AP exams, along with his passion for teaching and helping students.

I believe that every student who walks into my room wants to learn. I believe that every kid is intellectually curious and wants to be connected to education and learning and how to use their brain. I think that as teachers, it’s our job to try and tap into that and really expand their learning,” Bassett said.

This philosophy has allowed Bassett to make a massive impact at CHS.

He made learning NSL Government easier because he would really emphasize the important parts and kept the classes’ attention,” sophomore Danika Perez said.

Other former students also admire Bassett’s accomplishment.

I’m really proud that he won because he’s a really good teacher. He explains the concepts really really well, and he deserves the award,” sophomore Tasnim Ullah said.

Because the award is so prestigious, Bassett was overcome with emotion upon learning about the award.

“I was with Mr. Owusu and Mrs. Clements and we were in his office and Mr. Greenblatt had called us to tell me that I had won. I thought that I was going to say something poignant and I just kinda broke down, I was really emotional,” Bassett said.

Bassett’s love for teaching and helping students shines through his classes, and his hard work has truly paid off.

“I’m really proud to have this award. I love all my students so much. I’ve worked with so many great kids at Clarksburg for so many years and I am so proud that I’ve been able to work here with these kids,” Bassett said.

The Clarksburg community is proud to be home to Bassett and admires his accomplishments in the education field.