CHS Choirs travel to New York

Amy Vanek

Quam Odunsi, Reporter

The CHS Choir department, led by choral teacher Amy Vanek, traveled to New York to sing at the prestigious Carnegie Hall March 22.

The students have been preparing for their performance since the beginning of the school year. The CHS Choir department got an invitation to sing at Carnegie Hall alongside other schools while being conducted and taught by music conductor  Andre Thomas.

Vanek crowned the experience at Carnegie Hall her favorite experience with her choirs in her 14 years of teaching.  

“To sing on the most famous stage in the country was phenomenal and everybody sang like true professionals. I think it was in my 14 years of teaching, the best experience I have had with my choir,“ Vanek said.

While at Carnegie Hall, numerous CHS students stood out amongst numerous others as freshman Peyton Frazier and Makundh Anandkrishnan both received auditions solos. The honor of singing at Carnegie Hall is one that the students describe as one they will hold dear for the rest of their lives.

“It was really really cool. It is hard to describe. It is breathtaking. Everyone was so good and the way the hall was built was so beautiful. It is definitely something I will remember for the rest of my life.” Sophomore Amy Uehling said.

Vanek has been preparing her students since the beginning of the school year to perform at Carnegie Hall and although she could not take as many students as she would have liked it was still one of her most proud moments as a teacher.

“I pretty much cried during the whole performance. It was definitely one of my more proud moments as a teacher, “ said Vanek

The students also got to enjoy the city. They got to see a Broadway performance of  Wicked and ate at a variety of restaurants with their friends around the city.

“The trip was awesome. We got to see Wicked. We had a great time in the city. Ate some great food, did some shopping in Chinatown. The practices in the hotel were awesome. “ said Vanek

To summarize the Junior Katie Clagett said “It was amazing and it is something that most will never get to experience.”