Can CHS Offer More Class Options?



You can take a lot of cool classes and discover more.

Aaron Heller, Reporter

Many CHS students complain about not having classes that are helpful for their future. Instead of having Calculus, students want to have a class that is focused on how to do your taxes.

People need classes that involve life skills. CHS does not have enough classes to fulfill these needs. One good addition of a class could help many people out in life.

“I think there should be more options at Clarksburg,” senior Parker Hahn said. “When I go to fill out my schedule, I see classes I want to take that are useful, but they are never available at CHS. I think more useful classes should be added because it would just help people do more things in life.”

Right now, CHS is only offering classes that are only interesting to a small group of people. We need to add classes that a lot of people can enjoy. The more someone is interested in a class, the more likely they will have better grades.  Most people who like a class tend to have better grades than people who don’t like a class.

“I think there should definitely be more interesting classes for everyone to take,” senior Steven Diaz stated. “I think we should add an ROTC class at Clarksburg. They have them at other schools, why can’t we add one? If we add an ROTC class, I believe many people will be interested and join. I know I would have joined if we offered it.”

Another reason for adding more class options is, people can expand their knowledge. If CHS adds different varieties of classes, then people can explore and be educated on more things. This would prepare a lot of students for “the real world”.

“Adding more classes would expose people to new things,” senior John Orellana said. “I definitely think we should have more of a variety of classes. People need to take more interesting cases so they can be more educated. It’s hard to do this with the options we have now.”

There are many benefits to adding more interesting and exciting classes. It can help many people be successful in life. More class options can equal more success for students.

“The more classes you have, the more people can find out what their career path is,” attendance secretary Judith Koval claimed. “Classes are lacking in basic life skills. We are so attentive to teaching high-level classes; we have forgotten the basics. Some kids can’t even read clocks.”