Adelante Clubs Hosts Charity Movie Night

Hispanic club helped children's charity with food donations


Jason Calix

Students (left to right) Layla Ruiz, Anthony Palermo, and Michael Lopez helped host Adelante's charity movie night.

Jason Calix, Reporter

Movies, games, and food helped bring together the entire Clarksburg community during a recent charity fundraiser.

The CHS Spanish club, officially known as Adelante, held a movie night in the school cafeteria Friday, March 22. People of all ages were invited to come with the admission fee being two canned food items that would be donated to charity for children.

“The purpose of this event was so that Adelante as a club can get their name out there by holding an event that would end up helping children in need,” said Adelante president Renata Proano.

The night started off with a mass of people at the concession stands as it had the student workers selling rapidly.

“I didn’t think that many people were going to come, but when I saw more and more people coming through the entrance I was so happy and made me pumped to work even more,” said student worker Anthony Palermo.

The movie Coco was played at around 7 p.m. and many gathered around to watch the movie and spend time together with family and friends. Once the movie was finished, student workers brought out dozens of homemade piñatas so that all the kids could get some candy.

“It was fun to see all the kid’s eyes light up as they took turns trying to break open the piñata,” said senior Fabrizzio Perez, who was in attendance with his siblings.

In total Adelante raised almost a hundred cans of food to give to children in need and capped off their night with some Latin dances and songs.

Perez enjoyed the entire night with his siblings, “ It was a night to remember and I can’t wait till the next event. “