“Game” Over? Final “Thrones” Season Arrives

CHS Students and Staff Anticipate Show’s Resolution



The final season of Game Of Thrones began Sunday to the excitement of many CHS students and staff.

Jordan Doss, Alum

The 8th and final season of Game of Thrones premiered Sunday, April 14. Fans of the show have been patiently waiting since August 2017 for the new season to start. On Twitter, there have been 15 million tweets since the beginning of 2019 alone regarding GOT.

“I am excited because so much hype has been built up over the years: who’ll be on the iron throne, who’s gonna live, who’s gonna die? No one knows,” senior Dennis Litvak said.

The anticipation is so lively that other companies and organizations have teamed up with HBO to create GOT-themed products. Examples of these collaborations would be Nabisco with their GOT Oreos, Buffalo Wild Wings with their Dragon Fire wings, and Urban Decay with an entire GOT makeup line.

“I went to the Great Wall of China, and I was wearing a GOT shirt, but when I posted a picture of me there, everyone commented on how much they loved the shirt but nobody said ‘that’s amazing that you are on the Great Wall Of China” history teacher Carol Sabet said.

Through all the excitement, many people that are a part of the fanbase argue over what is to come in this new season.

“I think Jon will take the Throne because he has been a main character for the entirety of the show and I doubt they will kill him off at this point,” senior Mujtaba Ahmed said.

Opposingly, Litvak believes that “there will be a big war of the living against the dead and everyone will team up.”

With no book depicting this season, tensions in the GOT fanbase rise as they patiently await what is to come in these next few weeks. Whether you are in favor of the Starks, Lannisters, or Targaryens, it is time for all fans to come together and enjoy this final season in solidarity.