Varsity Baseball Takes Swing at Playoff Success

After Missing Chance for Division Title, Team Looks Ahead Toward Postseason Wins


Giovanni Pizzino

The varsity baseball team, seen celebrating after a victory over Blair, is making a playoff push after missing their chance at a division title.

John Guglielmone, Editor

The CHS varsity baseball team battled the visiting Wootton Patriots April 10 for a share of the division title. With a win, the Coyotes would finish in a 3-way tie with Wootton and Gaithersburg for the best 4A West divisional record earning the program its first divisional title since the school opened.

Junior captain Nathan Proctor pitched the first three innings while giving up six hits and only one run to the Patriots. His replacement, sophomore Sam Batis, gave up five runs in three innings and Powell gave up two more runs in the final inning to finish the game.

“Everybody was tense,” said senior captain Hunter Powell. “If we had just loosened up it would have gone better”.”

Despite a number of baserunners, the Coyotes could not push any runs across the plate to make a dent in the Patriots’ lead.

“We weren’t stringing together hits like we have in previous games,” said senior Peter Phillips. “If we do that, we get a lot of runs and gain momentum”.

Fortunately, despite the missed opportunity, the Coyotes were able to bounce back into the win column after a doubleheader sweep of Seneca Valley April 17 by winning the first game by a score of 10-0 and the second game by a score of 12-3.

“We needed to take more opportunities with our pitchers and scoring more runs,” said coach Matthew Derrick. “We almost reached our first goal of the year which was to win the division. We’re on to the second part of our road which is to get to states and win it.”

The season has still gone well for the Coyotes even without winning the division. With a 9-3 record, the Coyotes have an opportunity to finish with one of the best records in school history. The team will be looking to improve their record to 10-3 tomorrow versus the tough BCC Barons who are 11-3.