Are schools planning on getting new technology for the future?



New phones systems were recently installed at CHS as some of the building's technology gets updated.

Nicole Torres, Reporter

Many students are complaining about the technology in the school recently getting damaged.

For the past few years, the technology in CHS classrooms has mostly stayed the same. Some classrooms have added new touch-screen Promethean boards which can be useful for both teacher and students. Other than the new projector screens, many schools in MoCo haven’t changed the computers which are now becoming an issue as they are getting damaged easily now.

“Ever since I got the touch screen board in the classroom it has been less stressful for I don’t need to go looking for the pen to the board I can just use my finger. But at times it can get hard because you need to be careful because the board is sensitive to any touch, ” Sign Language teacher Rigel Wolf-Hubbard said.

When students came to CHS from Hallie Wells Middle School (which was built two years ago), they had to adapt from using touch screen Chromebooks to going back to using normal Chromebooks. Many students have been saying that they wanted to have an update for Chromebooks to having it touch screen and not having the normal screen. Many say that upgrading the chrome books will help the keys from not falling out as you would be using the screen instead.

“I really think that we should upgrade a bit of the technology in this school because when I work on the Chromebook they are usually in not great condition,” freshman Alyssa Vasco said.

Many students,   the other hand, think that having new technology may cost too much money that the school could be using for other necessities. One thing that many have noticed new in the classroom is the improved phone system that was put in just this year.

“To be honest I think that we can use the money on better things like getting a new athletic field or like using it for better classroom equipment like new books for classes like English,” sophomore Marissa Yowell said.

Overall the talk about new technology will still be in the air as teacher and students will still wonder if they will anytime get new Promethean boards or new Chromebooks.