CHS Stage Gets Movin’ & Groovin’ with “The Wiz”


Maansi Suvarna

CHS Stage put on an engaging version of “The Wiz” this spring.

Rebecca Sofon, Reporter

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The Wiz was performed by CHStage during the early weeks of April. The Wiz had high expectations from many performers and audience members alike.

The live band/orchestra was amazing, from the way they sounded audiences could tell they put a lot of effort into the entire play. The overall production of the show blew the audience’s minds with how everything was portrayed and set up from scene to scene.

“The color effects and the theatrics displayed during the play were awesome and it was good to see everything come together,” junior Yanel Kette-Seka said.

With this being one of many shows at CHS there were a lot of new faces who were cast in leading roles including junior Ydiany Quiroz playing the Wiz, junior Nelson Chen playing the Lion, senior Karen Ruiz being the Good Witch of the East, freshman Layla Allen laying Glinda, and many more.

“It felt great to have a lead role. I had a part in Shrek (CHS’s Spring 2018 choice) but nothing like The Wiz. It allowed me to find and explore myself,” Quiroz said.

The Wiz was originally produced in the year 1974 in Baltimore. The original film, The Wizard Of Oz had an all-white cast, The Wiz used an all-black cast reimagining of the original 1902 novel by L. Frank Baum to connect with a wide audience. Because of the original play and the 1978 movie-version, some audience members expected similar casting choices.

“It could have done better with representation(casting of black people for the leading roles) as well,” junior Elshaddai Siressa said.

In the end, CHS fabulously with another amazing show and did all they could to make this production memorable. 

“I would rate the show a solid 8.5. We worked very hard on this show and all of us together did amazing. Everything was amazing from the cast to techies and also the band and orchestra,” Quiroz said.