Straight A’s = Free School Games Attendance?


CHS should allow straight-A earners to get into school games for free.

Caden Troffkin, Opinion Editor

At CHS, tickets for the school athletic contests cost $3 for regular season games and $6 for playoff games. However, CHS should let students with straight A’s into the games for free to encourage students to get better grades in school and encourage more student attendance at games.

When students go to games, they also pay extra money in addition to ticket costs for food and snacks at the concession stands. If students could get in for free, then they would have more money for snacks and food making for a more enjoyable event.

Senior Shannon Van said, “I feel like if you work that hard you should be rewarded, especially with the rigorous classes we have and the insanely competitive AP climate at Clarksburg.”

Dedicated students that go to every school game have to spend a lot of money every school year to go to the games. Getting in for free would also get more students to come to the games and support CHS athletic teams. It would also create an incentive for students to aim for straight A’s. This could improve school grade point averages overall and reward students for their hard work.

This year I went to every varsity Boys Basketball game and discovered that not many students showed up to most games. This could be because they don’t have money to spend. If more people came to the games, the environment would be much more enjoyable and we, as a school, would have more school spirit.

At the school games, most of the supporters are family members of  players, the Blue Brigade members and cheerleader/poms teams.

Even with all of these people coming to the games, the bleachers are still mostly empty and it’s not a very fun environment.