Notre Dame Repair Costs Anger Environmentalists


Shon Ellerton

In a rush to rebuild the cathedral, everyone has forgotten about saving the planet

Thao Pham, Reporter

The famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris recently caught on fire on April 15, due to an electrical short-circuit and was almost completely engulfed in flames. The historical building dated back to the 11th and 12th century and was important to many as to most who were religious.

Around the world, many people mourned with Paris as the devastating fire died down and agreed to restore the building to its original or even improved form. France’s government has passed a bill that would help rebuild Notre Dame faster but huge amounts of donation money would be needed for restoration. Reconstruction of Notre Dame will cost billions of dollars and the use of these donations has caused a bigger controversy with environmentalists who believed that the donations to the cathedral could have been used to clean up all of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

“I feel that, although the Notre Dame Cathedral has immense historical and religious value, the race to rebuild it is biased and is not looking at our future. It’s very ironic to see these people spend billions to save a building of the past and ignore the health of the world the building is in,” sophomore Nassay Hassan said.

More and more people are voicing their displeasure about the fact that billionaires are rushing to rebuild the Notre Dame, but not rushing to save the environment that future generations will need to survive. The money used for the reconstruction could have planted thousands of more trees and cleaned multiple oceans. Environmentalists claim that people should prioritize what is needed to be done first.  According to the UN Environment organization, the world is believed to die in 12 years due to the carbon dioxide in the air and the plastic garbage in the oceans. If this problem is not reversed in the next few years, then mankind will not be able to survive.

“We aren’t focusing enough on the environment and only about us, I think we have to give back before it’s too late,” sophomore Aaron Guandique said.

If people have the money to save a building, then they are definitely able to help save the environment and the endangered species.

“It’s a bit ridiculous that these billionaires are able to come up with that huge amount of money but not donate to help the environment. Although the Notre Dame is a very important treasure, the environment needs help,” junior Grace Gordon said.