Prom 2019 Provides Coyotes with Memorable Time

Despite Lack of Hype, Dance Lives Up to Expectations


Kevin Choi

Most attendees had a great time, especially on the dance floor, at the 2019 prom.

Max Bennett, Reporter

The lead up the 2019 CHS Prom April 26 was not as hyped as in previous years. However, despite the lack of build-up and anticipation for some students, most prom attendees enjoyed their time at this year’s version of the traditional event.

In previous years, the school atmosphere is usually elevated, but this year there were no anticipatory spirit events or pep rallies to increase everyone’s moods. During the week, many students felt that teachers were not being light on the workload and had no mercy with the number of tests.

Before prom, junior Jess Brown commented, “Since this is my first prom year I thought it would be a more fun week, but this sucks!”

The day of prom, CHS allowed all students attending prom to leave school early under the condition that they submitted a not to the attendance office.

Senior Shannon Vo stated, “It was a really good idea because it let me get 100% ready with no rush.”

The Prom dance was held at the Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center, but the hotel was tricky to find. There were three Marriotts within close proximity of each other and many students got lost or confused about which one to enter.

At the dance, there was a photo booth, an ice cream bar, free drinks, poker tables, and, of course, dancing. However, not many people took advantage of these activities other than dancing.

Junior Prom Prince Ricky Cardenas said,  “Everything was good except the DJ could have done better by playing more current music. We didn’t expect much because we don’t need much to have fun.”

One of the most exciting events was the announcement of the Prom Court. For the Juniors, Cardenas was elected prom prince and Camille Hardie was the princess. For the seniors, the King and Queen were Ben Spiess and Brooke Shields, who were also previously the homecoming king and queen this past fall.

Cardenas added, “It felt cool and it was fun just to be apart of prom court, and a great way to start to close off my junior year.”

After Prom ended, the school held a post-prom event that included a moon bounce, various board games, and food from Chick-Fil-A, Papa Johns, Mcdonalds, and more.

Brown also stated, “I really loved the after prom and the experience as a whole. It was a great way to keep kids out of parties that could have ended up with cops involved”.