Classroom Debate: Google Classroom vs. myMCPS


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CHS students and teachers debate which one is better: myMCPS or Google Classroom?

Jasmine Hildred, Reporter

Google Classroom has been an important tool used by teachers for four years. It allows teachers to be able to share assignments, quizzes, and interact with their students virtually. However, just last year MCPS implemented a new website, myMCPS, that allows students to check their grades and some of their assignments just like Google Classroom.

Most teachers use Google Classroom to post assignments because it’s easy to navigate and many students are already familiar with using the website. Teachers create classes, post assignments, organize folders, view when students turn in assignments on time, and can also easily grade assignments.

“All my teachers use Google Classroom to post their assignments. I like it because it can tell me when something is due and that helps me stay organized,” junior Madison Dao said.

myMCPS has similar functions as google classroom. Assignments aren’t as clear and have a less organized set up compared to Google Classroom. Besides myMCPS being used for some assignments, students use myMCPS portal to check their grades since Edline was removed last year. myMCPS just seems like a copycat version of Google Classroom with the same exact functions.

“I only use myMCPS portal to check my grades; sometimes my teacher might mention checking myMCPS, but I don’t really use it,” junior Kenya Brown said.

Schools are becoming more dependent on using technology in the classroom it’s important that websites we use are easy to navigate and helpful for not only students but for teachers to use. I think Google Classroom is best for posting assignments and communicating with teachers. If only Google could add a way for teachers to post students grades it would be the perfect website.

“All my teachers use Google Classroom so I think that says something about myMCPS,” junior Bria Huff said.