CHS Holds Last Annual Horticulture Plant Sale

Program Will Not Be Offered Next School Year


Lindsay Cao

These plants from the CHS Horticulture Club represent the end of the program.

Aaron Heller, Reporter

The CHS Horticulture Program held its final plant sale EVER this month, selling plants to students and teachers alike.

Former CHS science teacher Lee Paul started the Horticulture program when Clarksburg opened. Since Paul retired two years ago, current CHS science teacher Judith Chinn is teaching Horticulture for one last year. The class will no longer be offered next year.

Horticulture has started to sell the plants already. Many students and staff members are buying them left and right. Since it’s the last year of the program, students and staff are hoping that sales will be record-breaking.

“I think it is going pretty good so far,” senior Tyler Gourlay stated. “We are selling a good amount of plants. I did Horticulture last year, and this year could be better. We just started, and we are already making a lot of money. Last year we made a few hundred dollars. I don’t know if we can do that without Ms. Paul, but there is a decent possibility.”

The Horticulture Class has been working hard all year for this event. Throughout the school year students in horticulture plant and raise multiple species of plants, most of which would be at home in any local garden or flower bed. Students learn a lot about the science behind gardening/farming and learn a lot of life skills as well.

“This class was a good experience for me this year,” senior Zach Worthman said. “I had a lot of fun doing it. We worked really hard to try to make everything perfect for the sale. Ms. Chinn taught us many things about plants; like how to take care of them, different types of plants, and we even learned about landscaping.”

The annual plant sale and the horticulture program itself have brought joy to many staff and students.

“This was my first year in Horticulture, and I had a lot of fun,” senior Owula Cleveland stated. “If I knew how much fun this class was, I would have taken it last year.”

These last days of horticulture will certainly be special for Clarksburg and any students or teachers that were involved during their CHS careers.

“I hope whatever class replaces it, will be as helpful as this class,” senior Giovanni Greene said. “People don’t realize it, but this class does a lot for the school.”