Sophie Jorgensen Wins Difference Maker Scholarship


Erin Jorgensen

Never Back Down award, awarded to Sophie Jorgensen

Carley Neidecker, Reporter

CHS senior Sophie Jorgensen was accepted into many of the colleges she applied at including her eventual choice of UMD. She is one of the few students to get a full ride scholarship with many awards and an academic scholarship.

In 2019, with help from family and friends, Sophie received a $2.5K Never Back Down scholarship for her amazing performance throughout all of high school. She earned straight A’s her entire time in middle and high school.  

With the opportunity to go to UMD full ride and getting several awards, her parents support her and are very proud. Ever since her first day of school, she has strived to do her best work and has continued to do tons of homework and studying in order to get awards and into UMD.  

“If I didn’t work as hard as I’ve been, I would never be where I am today,” Sophie commented,

Sophie has earned 5’s on every AP exam and owns a weighted 4.9 GPA.

Sophie’s sister, freshman Erin Jorgensen said, “My whole family is very proud of her and always knew that she would be able to get to where she is now.”

Many benefits come with putting so much effort into school, including acceptance into one of the most popular schools in the state. Sophie is going to UMD for math which is one of her many strong suits.

“Sophie motivates me so much because my dream is to go to UMD and I know that I have to work super hard to get in,” Erin stated.

Sophie has had just about the same friends throughout all of high school and claims that she “wouldn’t be able to get to this point without them supporting me every step of the way”.

“I am very proud of her. I always knew Sophie had such a bright future ahead of her and I am so glad she has had the opportunity to get many awards and a full ride to UMD,” Sophie and Erin’s mom, Courtney Jorgensen said.

This is only the start of many dreams that have come true for the Jorgensens.