A Senior Review of Journalism


Sarah Emerson

2018-2019 journalism class photo.

Jordan Doss, Alum

As the year comes to an end, many seniors are wrapping up their final articles for The Howl. Throughout this school year, some seniors have written over a dozen articles in areas such as news, opinion, sports, features, and A&E. I personally have written over 40 articles during my 4 years as a member of The Howl.

The reasons these various talented seniors become part of the school newspaper varies almost as much as the articles they write.

“I am majoring in broadcast journalism in college, and I thought it would be good to learn another aspect of it,” first-year reporter Quam Odunsi said.

Being a part of The Howl is not only beneficial for students who plan to major in journalism once they arrive at college, but also because it is a truly enjoyable elective here at CHS. Although journalism does require specific deadlines for articles to be written while including interviews from peers and teachers, many skills can be acquired by taking the course.

“Journalism taught me how to manage my time better through getting stories done in time,” managing editor John Guglielmone said.

In addition to important time management skills and a stronger sense of responsibility being built, participating in the newspaper helps students improve their writing skills as well.

“I originally did journalism because I had a lot of friends in the class, and I like writing,” first-year reporter Aaron Heller said.

Whether or not journalism is of interest to you, it is an amazing class that will strengthen your abilities to write and will inspire you to share the news that you find important and interesting with the world.

If you have a blank space in your next year schedule, I encourage you to give journalism a try.