ACES Students Volunteer at MC’s “Good Deed Day”


Brittany Mackel

ACES students from Clarksburg participate in Good Deeds Day by making comfort cases for foster youths.

Jason Calix, Reporter

Five CHS sophomores went down to Montgomery College April 16 as part of the ACES program to help foster children for Good Deed Day.

Good Deed Day is an annual tradition in which people do acts of kindness and things which help others instead of themselves. ACES, a school program which helps students prepare for their college career took a few of the students to go help kids who really need it.

Ms. Terre Thomas, the head of the CHS ACES program stated that the purpose of going down to Montgomery College was to “fill up backpacks with necessities so that they could use the backpacks to carry their stuff instead of trash bags.”

It was a long day of work for all the volunteers, among them was sophomore Jessica Morales, who said, “We did things like filled backpacks with toothpaste, toothbrushes and other things that any kid should definitely own. It was a great experience for me and for everyone who came out to support.”

This event was also a good source of student service learning hours. MCPS requires all students to collect 75 hours before graduating high school. Good Deed Day grants a good opportunity for students who need an extra boost to get to those 75 hours.

“It was a good opportunity to get many hours but what was really important to me was making the foster children happy. I wrote notes to the kids giving them motivation and telling them to keep moving forward and never look back,” said sophomore Isabella Rodriguez.

All in all the entire day ended in success for ACES and Montgomery College as many backpacks were filled and would be given out to foster children all across Maryland.