YouTube Remains Blocked For Many CHS Students


Carley Neidecker

YouTube restricted for many students because permission slip isn't signed.

Carley Neidecker, Reporter

Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, many teachers attached YouTube videos to Google Classroom for their students to use. Unfortunately, many students are still not able to access those videos due to MCPS technology policies.

During this past fall, all of MCPS schools distributed permission forms to students which asked for parent/guardian consent to use YouTube and four other websites.

CHS staff members often use online videos from YouTube or other websites in order to help students complete class notes/assignments or to enhance their lessons. However, because many students cannot access the videos, these lessons are not fully completed.

“I turned in the paper the day after we got it and I still can’t get on YouTube without it giving me a stupid message saying that I can’t access the page because it is blocked,” Freshman Lindsey Heller said,

If students did not return the permission form, they were considered not to have permission for the sites. Even if a student turned in the signed paper allowing access, technical/administrative issues have wrongly restricted certain students. 

“Think about the poor person that has to go through all the papers. Students should be able to have access to all of the videos that are supposed to be watched for the specific class,” science teacher Joyce Tuten said.

If students are still blocked from using various websites, they should then be able to use their phones or be able to work with a partner which some teachers do not allow.

“A few weeks ago I had a project due for a specific class that we had to use notes from a website that I was not able to access so it was unfair to me because I had to do most of the work at home where I could get on to the websites without being blocked,” sophomore Brielle Mahasin stated.

YouTube and other useful websites should be unrestricted for all students if teachers are to continue to show videos for notes and important information.