Do Shorter Summer Breaks Benefit Students?

A change to the length of MCPS summer break may happen as soon as next school year.


A change to the length of MCPS summer break may happen as soon as next school year.

Nicole Torres-Rivera, Reporter

For years the MCPS Summer break usually starts around mid-June. Winter break and Spring break are both also a time for students to kick back and relax, but lately, both Winter and Spring break have been getting shorter because of mostly snow.

Many students say that they would like to have a shorter Summer break so that they can have a longer Winter and Spring break. With Spring break potentially adding couple more days to make it 10 days of break instead of 6 starting April 6 and ending April 13. This will make the school year start on September 3 and ending the school year on the 15 of June.

Public Schools is the Montgomery County area have their Winter break usually starting on December 22 and ending after the New Year, with this is only allows students a week off school for their holiday break and for their Spring break this year students were off school for 4 days in the April Month on days 17 -22 because of the many snow closures this cut 2 days off their Spring break.

“ I would just rather have a long Winter break just so that if my family wanted to go somewhere for the holiday, they don’t need to worry about me missing school days,” sophomore Elisa Shiblie said.

While others have their thoughts on Summer break some might not want new changes as it might not be necessary for the students. With MCPS considering this idea for possible future school years for the students is because MCPS has heard from families that they liked how the calendar was like bad then with Spring break being back to original 10 days long instead of 6.

With the thought of having a shorter Summer which will make the break for both Spring and Winter longer this might not be the safest thing for the students as they are still in the school year and with the long break this might have them forget some information.

“ As a teacher, the students already forget what we last learned so having a longer winter or spring break, in my opinion, is not necessary because I just don’t want to teach a lesson,” English teacher Christina Trumbull said.

With the talk about Summer break, some might just want things to just be the same as changing the system might just have more problems to come for everyone needs to then get comfortable with the schedule and might just cause chaos.

“I really think that changing the lengths of the breaks are just non-necessary. I think we are fine with what we have now,” freshman Lilah Colbert said.