Too Much Commotion in Hallways


Rebecca Sofon

Some CHS students are blocking the hallways by having a bunch of students behind them who need to get to class on time.

Rebecca Sofon, Reporter

In CHS the hallways are the worst during, the first day of school, during transitions between classes, and after advisory. It’s almost as if students have forgotten how to walk during these times. The hallways get so crowded that most students are either late to class or they don’t move at all, which feels like the longest time.

“The hallways are always crowded; it’s the main reason why I’m late for some of my classes. Most times I have to go another way which makes me late as well,” junior Ambree Brooks said.

A solution to this problem could be for students to stop standing and having long conversations in the hallway during transition times, this would help there be less crowding and also help students get to class on time much quicker.

“This always happens to me, I’ll be walking behind someone trying to follow their path but then they’ll stop and start talking to someone and a group of people starts to form which makes other students behind me stop”, junior Maria Lopez said.

There should be a solution/guide for students to follow for when they want to get to a specific area of the school. Also, students here at CHS just need to be more cautious of how they are walking in the hallway and make sure they are heading to class in time instead of using transition time to socialize.  

“I feel like most of the students here could wait long enough to socialize during lunch, they don’t necessarily have to stop in the hallway messing up the flow of the hallways. The people who stop and talk are the main culprits of the crowding of the hallways”, freshman Koelis Assogba said.

If students were more cautious about how to act in the hallway, the hallways would be less crowded. Another idea is that students can just find an alternate hallway to enter instead of using the main hallways that all the other students use.

“When I see the students in the hallway I see them wasting a valuable opportunity to learn”, Teacher  Michael Hunt said.