Should certain websites stay blocked by MCPS?

Student Chromebook Access is Still Often Restricted

Teachers at CHS often restrict certain websites on the Chromebooks, but should they?

MOCO Student

Teachers at CHS often restrict certain websites on the Chromebooks, but should they?

Caden Troffkin, Reporter

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On the CHS Chromebooks, most game websites are blocked which enables students from going onto the website and playing the games on that certain website. CHS should unblock some of the blocked game websites for students.

According to Annie Murphy Paul, schools block certain game websites because they distract students from doing their assigned work. But at CHS teachers have an app called GoGuardian. This app allows teachers to monitor what the students are doing on their Chromebooks. Teachers can also do things like close tabs, block certain websites from students and even filter harmful websites. Students are free to roam the internet whenever they want and play games to but when teachers use GoGuardian, they can limit what the students play on their Chromebooks.

“Teachers can still monitor what the students are doing so if teachers don’t want them playing games when they have work to do then they can just close the tab for them,” freshman Nate Yelle added,

At CHS, some students go on their phones after they finish all of their work because they are bored. This annoys some teachers because it can be a distraction to other students and that could prevent everyone from getting their personal assignments done. This wouldn’t be a problem if students could play games on their Chromebooks when they finish all of their work. According to Staff Writer Samantha Jones, “It is difficult to resist the temptation to look at one’s phone, especially if a text or notification comes through.  Students feel social pressure to respond to texts right away.” If a student in the class is using a cell phone it can be a distraction to other students, preventing them from doing their work.

Sophomore Drew Moore explained, “Phones are distracting to some students in school. This is because some students that go on their phones facetime people and blast their music in their headphones.”

Students who use their phones are more distracting to students that are doing work than playing a game on the Chromebook.