Clarksburg High School Annual Senior Storm


Lily Makonnen

This year’s Senior Storm was themed H’20 in honor of the Class of 2020.

Lily Makonnen , Reporter

As each school year comes to an end, CHS juniors get ready for the annual senior storm. The school tradition determines when the junior class runs through the halls claiming their newfound leadership of CHS.

The first tradition during the senior storm is the running of the hallways. The junior class ran in a pack around both floors of the building, and, during a portion on the first floor, pushed principal Edward Owusu in front of them on a rolling computer lab chair. Although the storm is a fun tradition, there are over 600 students in the class of 2020 presenting a safety concern when they sprint through the halls.

Special Education teacher Susan Kelly stated, “As a staff member I was very concerned about the safety and well being of the students running with the senior storm group, as well as any other staff members and students walking down the hallway. The noise level, as well as the beautiful energy students portrayed, needed to be more organized. When you have hundreds of students running down the hallway the chances of someone getting injured increase exponentially which did occur on this day”.

She states that at least 10 students fell during the storm and suffered some minor injuries. Others were trampled, stepped on and a few students fell off of people’s shoulders.

Despite the injuries and risks, the senior storm was exciting; students got to go outside and just have fun. They got to wear swimming suits, run around and do fun activities in the water. These activities ranged from a slip and slide to water balloon fights.

Junior James Fletcher stated, “I loved splashing water on my friends”.

Students also got to interact with friends and overall made good memories.

Junior Kyler Ramm said,” I got to have fun with my friends, we made great memories”.