Honor Societies Grant Opportunities To Hardworking Students


Charlotte Sanford

CHS students show off NHS certificates at their induction ceremony as proud parents look on.

Kara Peeler, Editor-In-Chief

Various national honor societies are officially inducting their new CHS members in hopes to promote leadership, community service, integrity, and academic achievement in specialized areas. 

To qualify for membership, students must undergo an application process. Depending on which society a student applies to, they must write responses, gather recommendations, and submit their transcripts and qualifications. Because of all the guidelines, the prestigious societies reflect well on their character for their hard work throughout their high school years.

Kara Peeler
CHS is home to many chapters of honor societies in varying subjects to recognize students with all interests

Acceptance to the prestigious societies is a celebratory cause, and students earn many opportunities due to their membership.

“I want them to be able to have the privilege of having the honor credit, of being part of an honor society, and also participating in activities in related areas,” said Kimberly Moore, social studies teacher and sponsor of the social studies Rho Kappa honor society. 

Upon induction, honors society members must contribute via community service while maintaining their grades. For example, Rho Kappa members volunteered to lay out flags in honor of Memorial Day. A common requirement for many societies is to complete tutoring hours. 

“One of the real benefits of NHS is that it’s a really good way of connecting students in need of tutoring to experienced students who are willing to help,” said junior Danika Perez.  

On the other hand, students often feel pressured to apply in order to boost their college resumes. 

“I wanted to apply because it would help me with college applications,” said senior Lasya Vennapusa. 

Each honor society has a formal induction ceremony to celebrate its new members’ status. The first induction of the year is the Spanish Honor Society, formally known as La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica after school on Wednesday, Oct. 2. Later that night, musically talented students of the Tri-M Music Honor Society will be inducted.

Student Danika Perez poses with Judith Chinn, sponsor of the CHS chapter of NHS

National Honor Society members were inducted Thursday, Oct 10., while the National Technical Honor Society will hold its induction on Tuesday, Oct 15. Mu Alpha Pheta’s ceremony will take place on October 21. 

Clarksburg High School is also home to a chapter of each of the following. 

  • National Art Honor Society
  • Science National Honor Society
  • International Thespian Honor Society
  • National French Honor Society
  • ASL Honor Society. 

“I think it gives them one more thing to realize about being part of something more than learning it in class,” said Moore. “It’s another outlet. It allows them to be more creative in that field.”