Clarksburg High School’s Throwback Thursday


Joe Laffman

Two Clarksburg seniors dressed up for Throwback Thursday during Homecoming spirit week.

Joe Laffman, Reporter

As part of Homecoming Spirit Week, CHS going to have a decades day Oct.10 and each grade will be assigned a separate decade. Freshmen have the 2000s, sophomores have the 90s, juniors have the 80s, and seniors have the 70s.

Social Studies teacher Lory Gardner explained how this year’s decades day “is different because the decades are tied to the specific grade level theme for the week” and that in the past “it was just a randomly assigned spirit day.” Gardner added that the SGA “likes to have at least one spirit day that relates to the overall theme for homecoming.”

Some students believe this year’s decades day was the most successful decades day in recent history. This year brought a lot more participants and students seemed to enjoy it very much. Previously, people were not very interested in decades day and decided to just dress normally.

Junior Sam Batis mentioned that “’80s is really fashionable” and he enjoys the style of 80’s clothing. Batis says he feels that in the 80s it was “one big party and people were just happy and living it up and just having a good time.” Batis also added that he plans to wear “rolled up jeans, a neon Michael Jackson coat, grease his hair back and some white shoes.”

Students showed up with lots of spirit to Throwback Thursday and each grade had a big turnout. A lot of people participated and the day turned out great. All grades came in thematic clothing, although there were a select few kids who didn’t participate but overall the school showed a lot of spirit.

Junior Sean Carrier shared that he thought the day went very well. He said he saw “so many people dressed up” and that it turned out “great.” The junior class showed a great deal of spirit, wearing neon, shoulderless t-shirts, and a lot of the girls wore spandex over their leggings.